What is CoDoLa?

CoDoLa is a LaTeX build server providing technical interfaces for the integration of organization-wide documentation solutions. The LaTeX documents are versioned on the base of GIT repositories and CoDoLa offers a web editor for the collaborative editing of document in a team as well as an abstraction of the GIT workflow enabling even non-technical users to profit of the advantages of versioning, tagging and branching under the hood of the application.

Easy setup

CoDoLa comes as a JavaEE 6 application which installs all required software (including LaTeX) automatically

Organization-wide templates

Document templates and custom functionalities can be managed on a central place allowing layout changes or new features to be promoted immediately.


CoDoLa allows multiple users to work synchronously or asynchronously on documents.


CoDoLa provides a REST-API for LaTeX document generation (e.g. for the integration into a continuous integration chain)


Webbased editor

Easy to-use collaborative webbased editor for LaTeX (based on Firepad / ACE)

Live preview

Live preview of the document as PDF

Versioning, tagging and branching

Versioning, tagging and branching of the documents by dedicated or provided GIT-repositories. Including abstraction of the GIT workflow as part of the webbased editor for non-technical users.


CoDoLa provides a REST-API for integration in continuous integration processes (e.g. Jenkins)

Central template management

Templates and functions are managed on a dedicated GIT repository.

LaTeX package synchronization

Local LaTeX installations can be kept in sync with installed packages on CoDoLa through the REST interface


Supported integration with a PlantUML server for UML-generation at build time.

Upcoming: PanDoc

Planned PanDoc integration to write (parts of the) documents in other languages than LaTeX


The project is still in early development phase. As soon as the documentation is available, it will be published in this section.

For more info and support, please contact Oliver Schmid!